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GHRI is committed to advancing human rights in Guam and the region through diligent, comprehensive research.

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Proposed new state of emergency for CPS under review as it struggles to keep children safe

February 26, 2024

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What We Do

We unite grassroots organizations, public and private institutions, and academic rigor to produce research and policy recommendations. We are working to empower local research scholars through support of self-directed research projects and create opportunities for mutual growth.

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Our Unique Approach

Reinforcing our Commitment

We implement a 4-part model intended to provide key research and fill gaps in existing data. To do so, we employ rigorous academic research designed to improve stakeholder relationships and promote collaborative progress. 
Our initiative provides a model where the people of Guam and the Pacific can ensure their voices are at the forefront in the data presented to key stakeholders and policy makers. 

Our 4 Pillars

Connecting the Community

Research: We undertake expert-led, academically rigorous research into timely, sensitive human rights issues at local and regional scales.​Advocacy: We provide data and “call to action” to support advocacy efforts at the community and national levels. ​Academia: We mentor graduate-level students in research and academic writing in support of the academic research in the Pacific​Stakeholder training: We offer specialized training for stakeholders ranging from private businesses to NGOs to academic institutions.

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