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Guest Interview Form

Here are some key tips for your interview preparation

Interview Etiquette:

 • Think about interview questions in advance, but avoid scripting responses to maintain a natural conversation flow.

• Focus on key words or phrases from questions in your responses.

• Keep answers concise, aiming for soundbites of 10 to 30 seconds.

• Use varied vocal tones and expressions, but avoid being overly theatrical.

• Remember the camera is always on, so be mindful of your demeanor.

Technical Tips:

• Ensure good audio quality by using earphones with a mic or a headset with a mic.

• Be cautious with a clipped mic as it may cause distracting noises when it hits objects.

• Consider using an ethernet or wired connection for a stable internet connection.

• Use proper lighting so that your face is clearly visible.

• Stay focused despite audience contributions; the team will manage questions from viewers.

Attire Suggestions:

• Opt for solid colors as they look best on camera, avoiding overly bright or distracting patterns.

• Minimize large jewelry that may cause glare or noise on camera.


Overall, aim for a positive and genuine conversation experience. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to the team. Enjoy the interview!

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